‘Magritte Rock’ photograph- Martina Ziewe, Lochearnhead, Balquhidder (October retreat 2012)  Dhanakosa


MON 18 FEB 2013

Please feel free to download a free Om soundtrack composed by father, Jurgen Ziewe, here

TUES 19 FEB 2013, MY TEACHERS. I thought a good way to start this new page would be to acknowledge my teachers. Here they are...with gratitude (click names to find out more)

FRI 1 MARCH 2013, It brings me great sadness to hear that my dear sweet friend Zsi Chimera died (aged 34) in the Luxor, Egypt hot air balloon tragedy with her partner Joe Bampton and 17 others on Tuesday 26th Feb. Zsi, was a dedicated and passionate artist whom I was deeply fond of and will truly miss. We met at a meditation group and studied Fine Art together. We were friends for 10 years, I have many wonderful memories. Thank you for bringing joy, laughter and inspiration. I miss you Soul Cat.

ZSI CHIMERA - Soul Cat, Friend, Artist, 1978-2013

‘Onus partem’ - performance

THU 30 JAN 14, Since September 2012 I started attending Lisa Kayley-Isley’s classes and have started one-to-one Yoga Therapy sessions. Lisa is PhD Clinical Psychologist and Viniyoga trained Yoga Therapist. She is an experienced Para Yoga teacher initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage empowered to impart mantra and meditation practices. I find Lisa an inspiring role model. She is interested in all levels of the individual student, has an intelligent, sensitive and compassionate, wise approach to her interactions. Lisa has helped guide me into the deeper aspects of Yoga through asana, pranayama, philosophy, chanting, truly listening through talking sessions, meditation and mantra. I am deeply grateful for Lisa’s support and encouragement and am happy to have met a true bodhisattva.

Thank you to my wonderful teachers  over the years so far.

My father, Jurgen Ziewe, who introduced me to art as a child and meditation as an adult.

Sudaka who introduced me to asana on my first retreat in Scotland 2004, and again in Spain 2009.

Kevin McDonnell, my first regular teacher when I moved to London. I practiced with him 3-4 times a week and he showed me great kindness and warmth.

Kevin encouraged me to become a teacher and led me to his teacher, Dave Charlton, whom I went on to study with on the 1 year foundation in London and 2.5 year Diploma in the West Midlands. This was an intensely stimulating period, studying yogic philosophy and Sanskrit, chanting and teaching theory and practice.

Norman Blair whose classes and workshops I attend and whom I have learned a great deal from; through being a yoga apprentice - assisting his large Astanga classes over a year in 2010. Having qualified as a teacher this was a period in which I regularly covered his classes and put into practise the teacher training course.

Angelika Grohmann, whose inspiring and authentic teachings I am so grateful to receive (since 2007) through regular classes, workshops and retreats.

Lisa Kayley-Isley, whose classes I have been attending since 2012 and doing private yoga therapy sessions with to deepen my practise. I find her an inspiring role model.

And all the other teachers, that come in the form of friends, family, students and encounters along the way...

SAT 19 APR 14, I am happy to announce a new Art Collective I am working with, launching our first exhibition in June. We are raising funds for the project here.

‘Jimis’ - Painting - Martina Ziewe

TUE 1ST OCT 13. The memorial exhibition, poetry and performance event for my dear friend, Zsi Chimera and her partner Joe Bampton (who lost their lives earlier this year) is happening on 11th October. I am co-curating, sharing art work in the form of a sculptural monument, I have made in response to their deaths and performing a special ritual and ceremony to honour them which will involve all who wish to be involved. I am also making paintings and collages. Nathalie Bikoro, Chris Arning and I have co-organised this event, which will serve as time to gather, reflect, commemorate and be inspired to live fully. The exhibition is also open to those who may never have met the couple as we hope to inspire and share something of Zsi and Joe through this process. Friends and family have each made work in response to Zsi and Joe touching their lives and their influence on them. We wish to create something beautiful out of this tragic loss that goes beyond our everyday physical experience. Thank you.

A selection of the women of the ‘Sweet Ditch’ Collective, April 2014

TUE 27 MAY 14, Not long now until our first exhibition....

MON 17 NOV 14, I am walking 56km to raise money for the charity MIND from Richmond to Turners Hill in Spring 2015 and am fundraising here...please support this worthwhile cause by clicking to the link below. Thank you

Martina’s 56km Walk Challenge for Mind

‘I am alive & this is it’ - Painting 2014

MON 25 MAY 15, Did it, raised just over £600 for MIND with thanks to all the Sponsors. Left 10am from Richmond arriving at 23.55 after 56km in Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill. Epic. Click the photo below if you are interested in taking part in Action Challenge fundraising events for a charity of your choice.

TUE 26 MAY, I am taking a break from London, going on a pilgrimage across Northern Spain from 1st June - The Camino De Santiago. I am traveling this summer to festivals in Europe and will be volunteering in communities, going on solitary retreats deepening my own yoga and meditation practice. My plans at present take me up until October. For all students please feel free to email me to stay in touch, and our paths will cross again, we can arrange private sessions and I will update on here if I set up new classes again. For now I would like to travel, wander, write, take photos and be open to the unknown. Yes!

MON 18 JAN 2016, Having been away June-November. I am now based in Worthing, West Sussex.

WED 13 MAR, New class starting 11th May! My very first class in Worthing at St Pauls Arts Centre.

THU 31 MAR 2016. Since moving back to Sussex I’ve been focusing on my own work as an Artist. I have also been working in other fields. I’ve been covering Yoga lessons when ever asked. I am now very open to teaching more again and ready to begin new ventures this Spring.

2019 Upcoming workshop, book now...

Saturday 27th November. Rasied £165 for Mind holding a Crafternoon at my studio. Click link below if you wish to do any fundraising events or for useful website for Mental health concerns and help.

Monday 26th June. I am walking 50KM for Refugee Youth on 26th August. Please see story below. Any sponsorship hugely appreciated. (Raised £785 beyond target).

Martina’s South Coast Challenge for Refugee Youth

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