Martina enjoys bringing her skills to individual companies & organizations offering yoga sessions to employees.

A growing number of employers in the UK and abroad are recognizing the benefits of providing the best available support to their workforce. Human Resource teams in both small and large companies are aware that a weekly Yoga session decreases stress, promotes wellbeing and better performance at work.

Morale is boosted and the ability to focus increases productivity, improved relationships and performance at work. 

Yoga improves physical, mental and emotional health.

During her time teaching in London, a few clients who have benefitted from Martina’s sessions include:

Somerset House, Radio One, The Foreign Office - Downing Street, House of Fraser and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Clients have repeatedly given feedback of employees feeling the many positive benefits of the sessions during their working week.

If you are considering providing this level of care and investment in your staff who make up your business, you need only provide a suitable private room for a one hour weekly session.

During this session Martina will introduce physical postures, breath work and techniques to focus the mind and relax the body, that will be suitable and accessible to all levels of experience.


“The Directors of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation take staff welfare and quality of life very seriously and encouraged us to organise weekly yoga classes at the office for all those who wished to attend.  We were lucky enough to have Martina teach us right through a stressful period of the Foundation’s development.  Like many office workers, we all spend long hours at our desks and consequently are prone to back and neck problems too. The staff found the classes hugely beneficial.  Martina assessed our needs each week, both mental and physical, then designed her classes around them.  The result; a group of more relaxed and less sore staff who all left the class smiling.  Our sessions also helped improve our concentration and were great for a bit of cross-team bonding.  I would highly recommend it.  It is a credit to Martina that everyone in her class has continued their yoga practice right up to this day and are much healthier for it.”

- Liz, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, London

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