* Yoga in the workplace - a group session for employees of your company / organization.

1 hour  £60

75 mins £65

* Privates Session, one-to-one session home visit or visit Martina at her studio

1 hour £45

75 mins £50

1.5 hours £55

* Martina offers private sessions in London generally at least once a month. Due to the nature of travel Martina charges £10 more to above prices.

(For low income/students/retired - alternative fee may be arranged as agreed)

  1. *Community / open classes in public venues - see schedule for individual prices

  1. *Martina is open to teaching one off events / festivals / small groups of people in your home / alternate venues according to your requirements

* Monthly workshops £35 / £30 low wage for 3 hour yoga mornings

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