Individual tuition gives you the opportunity to develop a personal practice that you can do at home on a regular basis.

Yoga was traditionally taught in a One-to-One setting.

This will take into account your age, physical abilities, interests, lifestyle and time availability.

During the session Martina will work with you to refine your practice. She will then design a tailor made practice plan to suit your individual requirements and will be sent to you after the session.

It is more beneficial to practice a little on a regular basis than, for example, for 2 hours every fortnight. The personalized practice may be anything from 15mins - 75mins long according to what you wish to do.

The private session will typically be 1.5 hours for the first consultation and 1 hour follow up unless you wish for longer.

You could think of it as a bespoke yoga lesson. There is an opportunity in this setting to explore things that you may not get a chance to in a group class, as questions may arise and feedback can be given.

Individual tuition is a very valuable step forward to deepen your practice and is incredibly rewarding.

For further information please contact Martina...

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