“A man in the middle of life’s journey met a young yoga teacher. Her teaching was gentle and subtle and seemed not to test the limits of his body like other classes. It allowed him to breathe and didn’t hurt him as much as he thought yoga was meant to – sooner or later he would need to find a more vigorous and demanding class so he could experience the pain and discomfort he associated with physical exercise.

But over just a handful of classes, something quietly happened to him. He listened to the teacher’s words and began to understand her humility, wisdom, courage and generosity, and the depth of her spiritual and emotional intelligence – and started to grasp the philosophy underpinning her practice. For the first time, he began to see the profound potential of yoga as a way of thinking and feeling, a way of living (no longer an exercise in masochism followed by a short period of blissful relaxation). He began to wake up.

He soon attended one-to-one sessions, the teacher designed for him a personal practice and connected him with other great teachers that would set him on a lifetime of practice and on a path towards greater self-knowledge.

Like her teaching, the effect on his life was gentle and subtle at first. It began with greater contentment and ease – physically, mentally and emotionally. Then it began to influence his thinking and decision-making in more profound ways. It opened his mind to the possibilities. He chose a different path, different priorities. It strengthened his relationships with friends and family, and transformed his hopes and aspirations for the life of his son. It made him care even less than before about material wealth. He began a journey in other directions away from his current career and towards a future based on caring relationships, working the land, love, hope, trust and community (and more yoga).“

- Rob, London

“As a woman with two serious mental health conditions (Bipolar Affective Disorder & Emotional Intensity Disorder) I was never able to cope with entering a public yoga class due to the variations in my physical abilities caused by various medications and severe social anxiety issues.

Several people had recommended yoga, (in addition to conventional medication and therapy), as a way of managing the more distressing symptoms of my mental health conditions.

I resolved to find a private teacher who could work with me on a one to one basis and in my own space at home. It couldn’t have been more fortuitous that I stumbled upon Martina’s website.

Martina put me at ease from our first meeting, was open and interested in what I wanted to get out of the yoga sessions and listened to all my anxieties and fears without judgment and with great compassion. She has tailored a style of yoga to take into account my specific physical and mental goals.

The work we have done together has had a profound, positive impact; not only on the symptoms of my mental health conditions but, more significantly, my ability to manage those symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

Throughout this process Martina has been responsive and adaptive in working with my mental and physical state as it was on any particular day, her openness and willingness to adapt and not work in a prescriptive manner has meant I have got the greatest possible benefit from each one of our sessions.

This has included times when I have been suffering from severe medication-induced physical symptoms (such as vertigo) and times where my mental / emotional symptoms have been acute.

I would recommend working with Martina, without hesitation, to anyone who wishes to use yoga to help them with their mental health symptoms. I have been simply amazed at how the techniques I have learned in my practice with her have translated into very real, extremely empowering and tangible changes in the way I deal with my distressing symptoms on a day to day basis.”

- KS, Worthing

“Right from the first practice I have felt the subtle and beneficial effects of Martina's yoga. Four months on I notice definite changes in my life... Better sleep, an inner calm and greater understanding and enjoyment of living. Martina is a gifted and inspirational teacher.”

- Bill. Worthing

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